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Welcome to the Widowed Club

At the Widowed Club we like to describe ourselves as conversation connoisseurs! We are an exclusive group of people who meet online (and offline if members choose) to observe, generate or join in conversation. We might be sharing our own stories or seeking practical advice, but we are more likely to be found discussing the top news stories of the day, commenting on sporting events, questioning political developments, ranting on the demise of another so-called-celebrity, or referring to topical regional points of interest. In fact we could be discussing anything!

Around 500,000 people die in England and Wales every year, and one of the many things that those of us left behind miss is conversing with another adult, as we did with our late loved ones. Part of the struggle for widows’ and widowers’ to readjust to the “new normal” is the realisation that our friends have their own lives to return to with their spouses, as we once did, and so there is a gap. Dating is not on the agenda, but we still enjoy having friends and acquaintances to talk to, go out for dinner with, drink amongst or just generally have some fun with. The Widowed Club introduces like-minded people in similar situations.

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