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N 5000

  • You Get
  • 10000

Silver Package

N 10000

  • You Get
  • 20000

Diamond Package

N 50000

  • You Get
  • 100000
What Is Rescue Naija (RN)?

Rescue Naija is an open-handed community, which is here to welcome the broken and wounded, to nurture them back to believing in the good of helping.

How Does It Work?

Helping others with that which you can afford, you receive help in return with a 100% increase between 24hrs to 14days after payment is made.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

It is possible to have different accounts with different emails and phone numbers, but it is advised to have a single account and donate multiple times.

Who Is Eligible?

Everyone who have been victims and casualties are welcome to give, receive and build a great bond.

What Happens If Donor Refuses To Pay?

The system is completely automated. It is programmed to delete the non-responsive donor and re-merge you immediately.

How Long Before IGet My Money?

All earnings become available after 24hrs to 14days

Do I Have To Refer?

There’s no obligation to refer anyone to earn, as earning starts immediately your donation is confirmed.

What Are the Minimum to Maximum Donation?

It ranges from 5k, 10k,20k and 50k.

What If My Payment is Not Confirmed?

The recipient is obliged to confirm the donor within the hour of transaction. If the recipient declines, you are required to contact the admin with proof of payment.

How Long Will It Stay?

Rescue Naija is here not just to rescue victims and casualties, but is here to reduce the tension on the backs of many. It has a secure security based protection against cyber-attacks and hacking. Rescue Naija has come to stay and will last till every tear dropped is turned to smiles.

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